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Ways to Improve Your Posture!
Nov 09

Ways to Improve Your Posture!

Poor posture isn’t just about looking hunched and slumped – it can affect our entire skeletal system and impact our health as we age. So it’s super important to correct posture problems now before they get set in stone.

Here are some of the most common posture problems, and what you can do to correct them.

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1. Slouching While Seated
Is your back straight, shoulders relaxed, and feet flat on the ground? If not, you could be putting your body under serious strain. Practice perfecting your posture by sitting straighter, without sliding down the chair. You could try a plank or back extensions to help override a slouched stance.

2. Rounded Shoulders
Another common side effect of desk work is rounded shoulders. Hunching at your desk, or while using the computer, tightens the muscles in your chest and causes the shoulders to round. To combat this problem you can use a foam roller to relax the chest, and focus on strengthening the muscles in your upper back.

3. One Legged Lean
When standing, do you often put more weight on one leg? While it might feel more natural than equal weight on both legs, it can cause tension and pain in your back and hips and can cause an imbalance in your pelvic muscles. Try strengthening exercises to correct this posture problem. The plank, bridge, and side leg raises can all help.

4. Forward Head
A forward head is another common posture problem caused by slouching over a screen or phone. Doing this over time can cause neck tightness and problems with the upper back muscles. Posture pro Marc Perry recommends using a massage ball on your upper back to support the neck. You should also get into the habit of keeping your head back.Type the details of your news item here…

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