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Remedial Massage


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What is sports massage?

Sport massage is a type of therapeutic massage that works specifically and focuses mainly on sporting injures and ailments. It is popular in Australia because of the growing number of people who believe it is necessary to take sport massage for the prevention of sport injuries and the achievement of outstanding exercise results.

It not only offers benefits for professional athletes, but also brings benefits to anyone who takes regular daily exercise such as running, cycling, swimming, dancing, rowing, hiking and other sports. It is developed to relieve and prevent injuries and disorders that are associated with sport or exercise. Sports massage often uses the following techniques: deep muscle effleurage, vibration, tapotement, rhythmic compression, trigger point pressure and friction.

Sport massage can treat a range of injuries and ailments that are caused by sport and exercise; it also can bring the following benefits to regular trainers:

* Relieving muscle stiffness
* Reducing body fatigue
* Increasing joint flexibility and mobility
* Improving blood circulation and lymph flow
* Relieving pain and discomfort caused by overuse of muscles
* Enhancing sport performance and mental agility


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