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Baiyunshan WeiYi Plant Essential Oil

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Baiyunshan Essential Oil Knowledge:
Guangzhou Baiyunshan production, from more than 50 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine soaked and refined, the ingredients are ginseng, saffron, Polygalaceae, woody, Tianma … … and so on more than 50 kinds of Meridian Yang authentic authentic, combined with modern high-tech pure extraction technology and Drug nano penetration technology.
Fast and efficient to reach the qi, Tongluo Shu bone, dampness clear poison, muscle, wake up three young vitality source, spray about 5 seconds heat, continuous activation of energy 4 hours, easy to solve the muscles, neck, waist, , Swelling, hemp, stiff, pain and other issues,
Is essential for each family.

Mainly for the following symptoms
1: cervical spondylosis
2: frozen shoulder
3: lumbar muscle strain
4: breast hyperplasia
5: rheumatoid arthritis
6: Scymitis
7: Gout
8: heel pain
9: meniscus injury
10: cold dampness and back pain
11: sciatica and other types
12: acute and chronic twitch contusion
13: old cold legs
14: tennis elbow
15: intractable neck. Shoulder. Waist. Leg pain and so on,
16. synovitis
17. pillow
18. Palace cold
19. pain in the body parts and so on
20, ankylosing spondylitis
21, varicose veins
22, rich package
23, beriberi
24, body odor
25) cold
26) stomach pain
27) abdominal pain
28) hemorrhoids.
29) pain
30) Milk line hyperplasia
31) headache
32) rhinitis
33) laryngitis
34) toothache
35) otitis media
36) Psoriasis