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Baiyunshan WeiYi Plant Essential Oil

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Baiyunshan WeiYi Herbal Essential Oil(白云山维一精油)is a Product of Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical of GP Group which Ranks #1 in the Chinese Pharmaceutical industry. For Pain Relief and Treat Root Causes. 100% Natural Herbal Concentrated Essence Extract, No Side Effects. Condition is New and Authentic. 30ml /Bottle. This Product Supports Anti-counterfeit Scanning. Beware of Counterfeiting and Only use Baiyunshan Authorized Distributor.



  1 Open wound.

2 Pregnant women, lactation.

3 Newborns, infants.

4 Eyes and sensitive body area or organ.

5 Skin allergies.

6 Hypertension, Heart disease, Leukemia, Nephropathy, Epilepsy, Malignant, Tumor.

7 Patients with internal plate/screws after severe fractures.


Before&after use, massage with hand or bottle bottom edge or scraping board to massage/scrape help with penetration. Nozzle distance is 2-6cm(avoid sensitive area/organ, holding breath for a few seconds to avoid irritation). Spray proper amount of herb essence, use finger/hand or bottle bottom to press even. Cover plastic wrap to prevent volatilization, strengthen the results, peel off after 20 minutes, dip dry with tissue paper to prevent reverse osmosis. For the next 2 hours, try to avoid A/C and fan, cold food/drinks, cold water, thus help to exert its effects. 2-3 times daily normally, 3-5 times daily for severe. For mild condition, 5-8 sprays; Moderate, 8-10 spays; Severe, 10-15 sprays. 7 days makes one treatment cycle. 3-5 cycles are basic use. 1-2 bottles are to experience, 5-10 bottles are to recuperate, more sprays & larger dose are more effective. Keep out of reach of children.


  1. Itchy- Indicates qi and blood are coming. The medicine force to promote moisture out. During it is working, due to the wind evil/blood heat, meridians are not smooth and encounter resistance, the area will itch. Just pat, accelerate the drainage of the wind evil, it usually disappears in 3 days.
  2. Sore- the result of the accumulation of lactic acid in the blood, which is hard to metabolize, acid is the same as itchy, it is a critical state. To good direction, it is a normal healthy reaction. It shows meridians are open, qi and blood deficiency. Add dosage, it disappears in 3-5 days.
  3. Swollen- Muscle tissue abnormal expansion. Qi is sufficient, meridian blockage results in metabolism issues, such people have an angry constitution, dredge meridians to resolve the blockage.
  4. Ache-the affected area is too cold, needs to be treated with heat.
  5. Pain- Severe meridians blockage, qi stagnation and blood stasis, blood flow is not smooth. After use, the pain gets worse which means the herb essence is opening up meridians.

With a pat, massage, hot pack, cling film, an increase of dose and frequency, it disappears in 3-7 days. Simple pain is caused by blood stasis.

  1. Fatigue- Lack of qi and blood. Fatigue is external appearance, exhaustion is an inner feeling, the solution is comprehensive conditioning.
  2. Tingling- Caused by an abnormal gathering of liver blood in organ tissues, qi can pass through, blood does not go through smothly, more severely long-term stasis blocking, indicating small meridians are passable, big meridians are not.  Tingling will disappear when the smooth meridian area gets larger.
  3. Numbness- It becomes numb when the tingling gets worse, blood and qi can not pass.
  4. Bruise- Too many body nodules, meridian dredge help.
  5. No feeling, no heat, cold- massage, pad, and cling film will help if there is wind, cold and damp evil in the body surface layer.
  6. Skin moisture and small bumps- Moisture is heavy, inner body moisture toxin is severe.
  7. Patches of red- Meridians in some parts of the body surface are smooth, some are blocked, will disappear.
  8. The whole piece of red- exclusion of alcohol allergy, body surface meridians are unobstructed.
  9. It is not hot in the middle of use – The wind, cold, and moisture from the deeper layer were drained to the body surface, so the surface layer does not feel the heat, need to increase the dosage to speed up the drug effect. Cell repair takes time, especially at joints. 

Baiyunshan WeiYi Essential Oil is derived from the ancient royal formula. Adopting Chinese nourishing vigor ancient formula, with 50+ precious herbal medicines soaked in 60 degrees Sorghum Liquor for 40 days, comes the medicinal liquor.  It integrates modern high-tech pure extraction technology and drug nano-filtration Technology. After spray, it quickly penetrates into the blood circulation system transdermally, and the corresponding organs gain targeted absorption, improving and enhancing body functions.

After spray, Herbal medicine penetrates through the skin into the muscle layer-fascia layer-periosteal layer, which makes ultra-fine particles atomized into the nidus, so that muscles, ligaments, and tendons can be a relaxant, invigorating blood circulation, deeply regulating meridians, making bones generate heat naturally, nourishing & repairing bone issues, promoting drug absorption. Nano-micro molecular multilayer transdermal penetration, treating the root cause. The body feels the heat in 5 seconds after the spray, dredges the meridians transdermally, the heat continues for 30-40 minutes, continuous energy activation for 4 hours, which can eliminate rheumatic nidus and revitalize Qi and blood.  Awakening three vital body sources (Qi & blood circulation dredge, joints flexibility, turbidity, and poison removal). Nano-molecule super permeability is a breakthrough highlight of Baiyunshan WiYi Herbal Essential oil. 


Prunus amygdalus dulcis, Spatholobus suberectus, Vernonia cumingiana, Gastrodia elata, Panax ginseng, Angelica polymorpha sinensis, Zingiber officinale, Mentha arvensis, Angelica pubescens, Cuscuta chinensis, Codonopsis pilosula, Ligusticum chuanxiong, Atractyloides macrocephala, Carthamus tinctorius, Polygala tenuifolia, Aucklandia lappa, Centalla, Caulis Spatholobi, Notopterygium incisum,Mentha Haplocalyx