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Moisturising Night Cream

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This intensive moisturising night cream revitalises and cares for the more mature skin while you sleep. Precious vegetable oils of borage, camellia and sesame together with ceramides and special moisturising agents leave your skin smooth and rehydrated. Extracts of wheat bran, gingko and carrot promote elasticity and suppleness. Contains vitamin A, essential for the rejuvenation of mature skin, and also Vitamin E with provitamin A to combat signs of premature ageing caused by free radicals.

Ingredients: Ceramides, Extracts of Wheat Bran, Ginkgo and Carrot, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Bisabolol, beta-Carotin, Lauryl PCA, Camellia Oil, Sesame Oil, Borage Oil

Application: Night care: Apply in the evening to thoroughly cleansed face and neck.
Skin Type: for mature skin in need of regeneration
Volume: 50ml
Place of Production: Germany