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IPL Hair Removal

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What is IPL hair removal?

IPL hair removal stands for Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) that is used to reduce and remove unwanted hair on any part of body. It is also known as Photo depilation.

In this process light is emitted and is absorbed by the hair pigmentation on the body. This converts to heat, in the process removing the abilities of the follicles to grow hair. This emission is controlled and will not cause any damage to the surrounding tissue. Hence the IPL hair removal method is a safe and effective way of removing unwanted hair.

At our clinic we use affordable state-of-the-art technology: the optical IPL hair removal system TM700. The system uses the short-pass impulse-filtering wave for hair removal or skin treatment through the selective absorption of specified waving spectrum. This new technology of filtering waves offers an excellent solution to safe, pain free and remarkable permanent hair removal.

What is distinctive about our new IPL system?

Our new IPL system TM700 is the most advanced IPL system in the world. It produces a single wave and a longer pulse width of light beam, integrating sufficient cooling of the surface of the skin. This equipment was designed in America and is the latest technology for safe, comfortable and effective IPL treatment. This ensures more protection against skin burns and hypopigmentation.
The system uses casting film technology to shield out 950-1200 nm light beam which usually absorb water from skin and cause no pain to clients. Therefore, the new system can make you more comfortable and guarantees pain free treatment when you take the hair removal treatment.
Our IPL system has CE102 medical approval. The system can be used at medical grade. CE refers to “Certification Experts, with head offices in Europe, is appointed internally as official legal authorized representative for producers and exporters outside the European Union who inten to or are expecting their products to Europe”.
The operating clinicians, J Lu and D Li, are specially trained by the manufacturer and are fully certified. The IPL machine is complex, having many operation processes and regulations. The best results come from correct operation and understanding the system, which our clinicians are guaranteed to know.
The system has numerous designs that act to ensure safety for our clients: water temperature sensor, water level sensor and water flow sensor to ensure that the machine works safely, so that our clients have the safest possible treatment. DEC Technology ensures the energy output from handpiece is the same however long the treatment.
Compare the TM700 IPL system to other IPL systems here. You can also read a comparison summary of permanent hair removal methods.

How is our IPL system safe?

The use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for permanent hair removal was approved by American FDA in 1997, a year before laser hair removal. This technology was developed as a result of doctors observing hair loss in patients when flash lamps were used to treat other conditions.

Our IPL system uses this method, projecting 650-950 nm wavelengths of light to permanently remove hair. These wavelengths are optimally absorbed by the melanin pigmentation in hair. At the same time, the lights which damage the skin are filtered out, preventing skin trauma.

The safety is ensured by its special designs. Water temperature sensor, water level sensor and water flow sensor make sure the machine works safely, preventing any skin burning. DEC Technology ensures the energy from handpiece remains the same no matter how long this machine works.

How does IPL hair removal work?

Our IPL system produces a high intensity flash beam of filtered light from applicator light guide, which has been controlled and emitted in contact with the skin. The energy from the light source is absorbed by the pigment melanin, which gives hair its colour. The hair follicles lying under the surface of the skin rapidly absorbs this filtered light. The light absorbed are then converted into heat raising the temperature up to 70 degree centigrade or more. The heating denatures the regrowth ability of the follicle without damage the surrounding tissue.

Who is not suitable candidate for IPL hair removal?

Normally most people are able to have IPL treatment for hair removal or skin rejuvenation. You are unsuitable to IPL treatment if you are in one of the following situations:

Are currently pregnant.
Persons who want white or very fine hairs removed.
Have inflammatory skin conditions.
Use of Roaccutane(disuse 6 months).
Use of medications causing photosensitivity.
Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and microdermabrasion treatment(2 weeks).
Use steroids or Retin A of AHA(disuse 2 months before treatment).
What hair colours and skin types can our IPL suit for?

IPL is absorbed to melanin pigment deeply concentrated in the actively growing bulk of the hair follicle, where it is able to have maximum effect at hair removal. White or light grey hairs don’t respond to IPL treatment due to the shortage of melanin in the hairs. With our advanced IPL hair removal system all skin types can be treated.

How many treatments will be required?

In order to get good and lasting result, most people need 4 to 6 sessions treatment at 4 to 6 weekly intervals, depending on the body area treated. Further maintenance treatments will be required 1-2 times per year.

Normally at any given time some hairs will be in different growth phases including, actively growing (Anagen), transition phase (Catagen) and resting phase (Telogen). IPL or laser only works effectively in the growth period of hair growth cycle. Therefore, several treatments are required to obtain overall long term results.

Anagen Stage (Active Growth Phase): Permanent Hair Removal can only occurs in this period.

Catagen Stage (Transition Phase): Club transitions upwards to skin pore and dermal papilla begins to separate from follicle.

Telogen Stage (Resting Phase): Dermal papilla separates from follicle.

Return to Anagen Stage: Dermal papilla moves upward to meet hair follicle once again and hair matrix to form new hair.

What should you do before treatment?

Before treatment you should shave the treatment area hair to about 1-2 millimetre at the morning of your appointment. For female facial hair, if you do not want to shave, please trim the hair to skin level.

For one month before the treatment it is better to stay out of direct strong sunlight. Within this period, other skin treatments must also be avoided including: waxing, plucking, tanning, the use of a epilator, bleaching, electrolysis and depilatory creams. Please disuse hormonal medicine at least 2 weeks before IPL treatment.

Please don’t use chemical peels or microdermabrasion or certain medications within half a year. You need check with your doctor if you are using photo-sensitizing medication, particularly medication for controlling acne or hormonal disorders.

What is our IPL Hair Removal treatment price?

Our IPL Rejuvenation procedure uses the latest technology. The result is a dramatically lowered cost of treatment, compared to other IPL treatments out there.

Secondly the system can work in a moving style, it save a lot of working time for the operator. Therefore, we can transfer this benefit to our clients. We also want to spread quickly the information about our safe and painless skin rejuvenation to those who need the treatment with affordable prices.