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IPL Photo Rejuvenation

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What is IPL Photo Rejuvenation?

Intense Photo Light (IPL) Rejuvenation is also known as a photo facial. It is a non-invasive procedure involving the application of selective pulse light beams on the skin to improve its quality.

With age, accentuated by the busy and stressful times of modern life, it is inevitable that fine wrinkles, pigmentations, brown spots, flecks or large pores develop. So how do we get rid of these imperfections?

Our advanced IPL system TM700 provides the perfect solution to these skin imperfections. This procedure is painless, highly effective, and safe.

IPL skin photo rejuvenation can be used to treat flecks, sun spots, and brown spots, signs of aging, skin pigmentation and acne. This treatment can be applied anywhere, from the face, to the neck, chest, hands and even arms.

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How does the IPL Rejuvenation Work?

Our new IPL system delivers an even and specific wavelength light beam to the targeted area through a special headpiece at low dose and high frequency for deeper skin treatment and care. The light energy is absorbed by the pigment of the targeted tissue, breaking the pigment via a special opto – thermal decomposition property. The pigment clusters that remain ultimately will be eliminated by the lymphatic system in the body. Any lesion or crusts that are present on the skin are naturally faded out from the skin after approximately 10 days after treatment.

The IPL heat energy also stimulates the proliferation of collagen which remodels the skin, making it firmed and healthier.

What does IPL Rejuvenation look like?

Before the treatment, the clients are evaluated to ensure the lesions are benign. Protective eyewear has to be worn by the client and specialist due to the brightness of the IPL.

During the treatment, the operator applies the smooth and glass surface of the IPL handpiece to the targeted skin area. Then the light is delivered to the skin surface in precise pluses that are typically pain free.

Once IPL treatment is completed, clients may feel a little heat in the area. Some redness may also develop. The exact situation depends on the individual.

After treatment, we suggest clients protect the treatment areas.

The IPL photo facial treatment takes no more than 20 minutes. On average 5 to 6 treatments are recommended at 3 to 4 weeks intervals. It gradually improves the quality of the skin, with long term results. Maintenance treatment should be carried out at half-yearly intervals to prolong results.

Why didn’t I experience a response after one IPL treatment?

IPL skin rejuvenation normally requires a series of treatments. It generally needs 3-6 treatments for satisfactory results. Typical responses after IPL treatment include transient redness, mild swelling, darkening of prominent blood vessels, darkening of freckles and sun damaged areas that will flake off gradually. If you didn’t have any of these reactions, you may have had a lower system energy setting. Normally it is important to treat more conservatively to see how the skin reacts. Make sure you feed back your personal situation and discuss the reactions after the first treatment with your provider to make the necessary adjustments for your second treatment.

What should be avoided after treatment?

Normally you are able to resume your normal activities once the redness has faded quickly. It is better you avoid the following activities until the redness has disappeared.

Direct sun exposure (use SPF30+ Sunscreen daily on areas treated)
Solariums or Microdermabrasion
Strength defoliant creams
Swimming pools and spas
Strong sport causing excessive perspiration
Do I need to stay away from sun light?

It is necessary to protect your skin from direct sunlight before and after IPL treatment. An SPF30+ sunscreen should be used because the area will be more prone to sunburn and pigmentation change. Protective clothing is also recommended to cover the targeted area.

What can I expect after IPL Photo Rejuvenation treatment?

During the IPL treatment the skin feels a little warm, a sensation that is similar to a mild sunburn. The treated area may also become light red for about 3-4 hours.

Also, some mild swelling may occur and will disappear 2-3 days after treatment, but it does not occur for everyone. When the fleck is treated the pigment will become darker and then will crust up until it flakes off the skin. One week after treatment the pigment will gradually fade away from the skin. This is a normal reaction with each treatment. Ultimately the skin texture and complexion will improve through the treatment.

The Cost of IPL Rejuvenation

Our IPL Rejuvenation procedure uses the latest technology. The result is a dramatically lowered cost of treatment, compared to other IPL treatments out there.

Secondly the system can work in a moving style, it save a lot of working time of for the operator. Therefore, we can transfer this benefit to our clients. We also want to spread quickly the information about our safe and painless skin rejuvenation to those who need the treatment with affordable prices.