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“Green tea has thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation beyond that explained by its caffeine content per se. The green tea extract may play a role in the control of body composition via sympathetic activation of thermogenesis, fat oxidation, or both.”

———–Abdul G Dulloo Author of “ American Society for Clinical Nutrition”

“Green tea beverage consumption (4 cups/d) or extract supplementation (2 capsules/d) for 8 weeks significantly decreased body weight and BMI. Green tea beverage further lowered lipid peroxidation versus age- and gender-matched controls, suggesting the role of green tea flavonoids in improving features of metabolic syndrome in obese patients.”

———–Arpita Basu, PhD, RD

“The modified form of catechin is effective at destroying neuroblastoma cells that are highly resistant to conventional chemotherapy, yet has minimal effects on normal cells,”

“Now I’ll be able to build on this research and work towards an effective therapy for aggressive neuroblastoma”.

———-Vittorio, Dr UNSW

What is the ingredient of the Tea Capsule?

WuLong Tea 乌龙茶————————180 mg

Lotus Leaf 荷 叶————————-140 mg

Cassia Seed 决明子————————-60 mg

Ginseng leaf 人参叶————————-25 mg

Rose Rugosa Thumb 玫瑰花—————–30 mg

Rhubarb 大黄——————————–15 mg

Grosvenor Momordica 罗汉果—————50 mg

How is the Tea Capsule work?

1. The each capsule contains 180 milligrams green tea extract that mainly include Epigallocatechin Gallate(ECGC) and Catechins. The tea extract ECGC and Catechins have a weight loss effect if you consume 300 to 700 milligrams ECGC or Catechins a day. You can click here to read more information about the green tea studies.

2. This product also contains Lotus Leaf 140mg, Cassia Seed 60mg, Ginseng leaf 25mg, Rose Rugosa Thumb 30mg, Rhubarb 15mg and Grosvenor Momordica 50mg. All those herbal extracts have weight loss effect.

3. The Tea Capsule can carry out its effect in short time with obvious efficacy on reducing the redundant fat on the waist, abdomen, hip and leg. It can reduce the 2-5 kilograms redundant flesh in only one treatment course. Normally one treatment course you should take 5-10 boxes Tea Capsule.

4. Moderate consumption of Tea Capsule will help you to reduce risks of hypertension and plasma glucose concentrations. There are no any side effects for taking Tea Capsule.

5. The possibility of recurrence of obesity is little if you get successful control your body weight by taking Tea Capsule.

Are you suit for the Tea Capsule?

Pregnant women are contraindicated and people with weak health condition and deficiency of the spleen are cautious on administration.

How about is the usage?

2-4 capsules per time and 2 times daily, swallow it with warm water. The recommended usage for one treatment course is 5-10 boxes.

What is the specification?

It contains 500mg special ingredient per capsule with 40 capsules in each box.

What are the precautions?

1. There may be light abdominal pain for individual persons, but the symptom will be relieved with evacuation.

2. It is suitable for bland diet and avoids the pungent food on taking this capsule.

3. It is cautions for the person with allergic history.

4. This capsule will not be able to replace medications.