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Cupping 10 Minutes

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What is cupping treatment?

Cupping therapy is a component of traditional Chinese medicine and has a long history of application in illness treatment in China. In the treatment processing the cups are applied on human body to draw and hold skin and superficial muscles into the cups a little in order to change the qi and blood flows in the particular location.

Cupping treatment normally is applied to meridian points or parts of the body that have been affected by pain or illness. It is often used together with acupuncture or Chinese massage treatment in most circumstances.

The cupping therapy method has the function of warming and promoting the flow of energy of the body and circulation of blood. It has been approved by scientific evident that cupping help to activate the lymphatic system, improve blood circulation and repair deep tissue damage.

Vacuum cupping treatment is mostly applied in clinics now. Glass cups with a valve that can be connected to hand operated pump, allowing the operator to suck out air without having rely on fire to depressurize inside of the cup. It is easy to control and safety. The cups normally left in the place for five to ten minutes depending on the age, cupping location and individual response.

Cupping treatment is generally used for chronic cough, digestive disorders,sciatica,arthritis,obesity, asthma, muscular tension and other problems. Cupping should not be applied on inflamed skin or the abdominal or lower back during pregnancy.