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Moxibustion 30 Minutes

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$50.00/30 mins

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What is Moxibustion treatment?

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese healing technique, usually used with acupuncture, for treating many illnesses such as asthma, digestive problems, arthritis, allergies, menstrual problems and muscular problems. A comfortable and relaxing feeling can be obtained even though only a mild heat is applied to the acupoints.

It involves heating the particular acupoints by burning a special dry herb which is called Artemisia (Chinese Wormwood). These dry herb leaves are made into moxa rolls which can be burned with a constant heat. Normally this herb is made into small cones, large moxa rolls and loose wood moxa. The moxa roll is easy and convenient for use in clinical practise. The moxa roll burns slowly at an even temperature. The gap between the burning moxa roll and the acupoint selected is about 3 cm and the moxa roll is moved up and downwards, the client should feels warmth but not scorching. Usually a moxibustion treatment can be executed within 5-7 minutes.

The benefits of moxibustion include:

*An increase in blood supply to the area selected.
* Driving cold energies out of the body and promoting a deeper relaxation of tissues.
* Enhancing the immune system and clearing the blockages in meridians.