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Hot Stone Massage

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What are the benefits of hot stone massage?

Hot stone massage is a type of thermotherapy. Hot stone massage works on the meridians and acupoints with volcanic stones that provide stable heat within a period of time. The heated volcanic stones are applied on meridians and acupoints and the heat relaxes the tight muscles. The heated stones also can be placed on the energy points of the body to create physical and mental balance of the body.

When clients get a hot stone massage, their body temperature, heart rate and breathing rate maybe rise during the massage treatment. This is not harmful to the client and is merely the result of the improving of blood circulation and restoring the flow of energy to the body.

The general benefits of hot stone massage including:

Improving circulation of blood
Stimulating the body to heal itself
Enhances the immune systems
Improving the lymphatic flow
Removing stress and inducing a feeling of well being