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Remedial Massage 60 Minutes

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$85.00/60 mins

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What is the benefit of remedial massage treatment?

Remedial massage is effective holistic alternative techniques on treatment of soft tissue injuries, stiff muscles or ligaments, joint problems and sport injures.

Muscles and ligaments sometimes will become tight and sore or knotted or damaged because of stress or overuse and repetitive moving actions. Our remedial massage treatment focuses on specific areas by using deep and effective muscle compression, muscle lubricating, passive stretching and stroking to relieve muscle tension.

Remedial massage can be used to treat numerous muscles, tendons, ligament problems, such as tight shoulder, lower back pain, headaches, arthritis, tennis elbow, scoliosis, muscular sprains and body fatigue syndromes.Also is good on relieving body chronic pain. The benefits of remedial massage include: improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to remove toxins and waste; Toning and relaxing muscles to increase joint flexibility; Relieving muscular stiffness and tension and improving muscle health and function by freeing muscle fibre adhesions; Separating fascia binding and tethering for increasing body comfort; Calming the peripheral nervous system to ease pain and discomfort; Improving the health of cells and repairing tissues.

Why do you need a regular massage for your wellbeing?

First, massage treatment relieves the anxiety and fatigue caused by the modern high speeding daily life. “There are a rising number of people coming to be treated because of neck and shoulder problems incurred from sitting at a desk all day.” The president of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT), Geoff Waldron has said.

And other common reasons for seeking a massage? “Usually people have a massage because they don’t feel well from a musculoskeletal point of view,” Waldron says. “They’re stiff, they have headaches, they can’t sleep properly or they’re sports people treating or preventing injuries.”

“Both areas are growing, not just because of ‘pamper culture’ but also because an increasing number of people have conditions that bother them, such as stress, sport injuries.” Waldron says.

When it comes to stress management, remedial massage lends a helping hand by relieving tension. “Massage releases the muscles so you relax and sleep better. You tend not to sleep well when you’re stressed,” he points out.

The remedial massage aims to restore function and promote a sense of wellbeing by combining a mixture of deep tissue massage therapies and acupressure therapeutic techniques. You also can try acupuncture therapy, cupping (a Chinese traditional therapeutic technique that employs vacuum cups) and trigger point therapy.

Sometimes you can’t rely on one single massage treatment to fix everything, it is better to have regular sessions for good result. When a client is experiencing muscular soreness, sometimes pain relief comes instantly, and sometimes it takes time to recover, depending on the individual. It is necessary to remind the clients to get on track as soon as possible.

While massage treatment may be a key way to relieve aches and pains, there’s no denying excellent massage also brings a relaxation experience to your life. A little soreness aside, massage generally feels great, don’t you think? According to the New Zealand Health Network, this is because the therapy refreshes tired and knotted muscles by stimulating the nerve endings in the superficial layers of the skin.